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In My Eyes


Many of the prescription products that are used to treat glaucoma contain preservatives that can lead to ocular surface disease (OSD). With symptoms including burning, dry eyes, light sensitivity, and blurred vision, OSD can severely impact patients’ quality of life. Despite that, many physicians aren’t well-informed on the connection between glaucoma and OSD and can easily overlook patient symptoms.


Looking to impact medical practitioners, we produced a mini documentary featuring a diverse group of patients and physicians. By weaving patients’ journeys through medical discussions of OSD and glaucoma the documentary presented a compelling case for the importance of preservative-free products and empathy in glaucoma treatment. The mini-documentary was hosted by one of the leading ophthalmology publications in the industry.


The mini-documentary was unveiled at a leading ophthalmology association conference. According to the host, ophthalmologists viewed the mini-documentary nearly 1,200 times, 982 of which were unique views. Average time spent on the microsite was 3 minutes, 34 seconds per user, which is significantly more than the 45 seconds the site usually sees. An unaided qualitative survey indicated that physicians who watched thought it was enlightening and informative.

Our Work

Video Production

We recorded a diverse group of patients and practitioners, and captured personal stories and clinical perspectives.

Multichannel Marketing

We paired targeted digital marketing with print ads, real-life events, and experiential channels.

Engaged Audience

Over 100 recipients of the e-blast watched the documentary online. Surveys found the material impactful and informative.

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