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Pink eye is a contagious infection that can make the eye feel gritty, red, and itchy and make like unpleasant for patients. Our client’s prescription eye drop is known to effectively clear the infection. However, because the medication must be used daily for 10 days, it can be difficult for some patients to remember to use their drops. We were asked to create a solution to help patients follow their prescription.


We knew we had to create a memorable solution. We decided to weave usage instructions into a video format that physicians can show patients, who can then access it online on any device. Rather than creating a costly live-action production, we turned to animation to create an engaging, unique video. We chose to embed the animated character in a real-world setting, interacting with the “real” prescription eye drop bottle and demonstrating proper use.


Physicians were ecstatic and asked sales reps to visit and showcase the instructional video to their staff. The video was also posted on the website so it could be easily accessed through mobile devices. Responses from patients were positive and reports of patient compliance increased.

Our Work

Market Research

Uncovering market insights on the product's target market allowed us to develop characters and content that would boost engagement.

Engaging Creative

By combining real product images with animated characters, we produced a memorable video that helped sales reps increase visibility.

Accelerated sales

Physicians loved the video and product demand significantly increased.

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